Wedding Day Decorations

Dressing up in the perfect confection of lace and satin is often a dream the bride has held for years, and her groom might be excited to think about how he will please her when he dons his tuxedo. Dressing the wedding party is often about choosing the colors and style of the dresses for the bridal attendants, and the men will wear clothing to match their partners. While these could be some of the most important wedding day decorations, there are also the church and reception areas to be considered. Dressing them up is likely to be part of a theme for a modern wedding, or it could be simply adding a few additions to enhance the occasion.

Taking Vows

The official ceremony for most weddings is said at the altar of a local church, and taking vows is a very serious undertaking. There is often a limit to the amount of decorations allowed, but most couples have found the church will let them have lit candles and flowers for their ceremony. Those who have an outdoor wedding might find it possible to have a trellis, and they could even have flowers for their guests to hold during the ceremony. Each venue will have its own suggestions and restrictions, so it will be important for them to check as they begin planning.

The Reception Hall

Most receptions are held in larger halls, and decorations do not have the same types of limitations are those in churches. Couples often find that they can do many different things, but they should be aware no decoration will be allowed to remain once their party is over. They could find a florist Harrogate able to help them plan the most effective display to match their theme. They will find that HJF has a long history of specializing in wedding flowers Harrogate, and they can help with planning the best way to create that special look for their wedding and reception.

Stealing Away

Couples have often found it is easiest to get on with their wedding night plans by stealing away from the reception, and it can be a fun game for guests to frustrate them. It is a time-honored tradition for some, but others simply find it entertaining. For those who have taken the time to decorate their reception hall with a theme, planning in a few places where they can quietly slip out an exit might be helpful. They could find that their vehicle has also been decorated with cans and shoes that will create a bit of noise as they depart, but it is just some of the fun to be had by wedding guests.

The decorations to be considered for any wedding are many, and the options today are almost endless. Some couples prefer a simple wedding with nothing more than candles, flowers and traditional clothing. Others want a theme that will have elements visible throughout the entire wedding day, and they can be very complex. For those who have made their decision, hiring the right professionals to help them get their decorations ordered and ready for the big day could help them create their dream wedding.