The Groom’s Wedding Day

It used to be that the fantasy wedding was automatically attributed to the bride, but times have changed. Many grooms today are deeply involved in every decision for the couple’s special day, and they often have their own dreams of the perfect wedding. It does start with finding the right partner for the rest of their life, but it goes much further than standing at the altar and reciting their vows. Grooms today have their own dreams and stories that got them to the church on time, so many professionals have begun to expect their input when it comes to planning and executing the perfect wedding.

Family breakfast

Hosting the party on the wedding day now begins almost at the crack of dawn, and it has become a practice to host a family breakfast for many couples. They often look forward to spending some special time with their loved ones, but they are not necessarily together. The bride might be at her parent’s home with family while the groom is spending his last morning single with friends and family at his own place. He could be at the home of his parents, and his own family breakfast might be much like that of the bride’s. Both of them are acknowledging special relationships with family just before their lives will change, and they are ensuring the transition will be a smooth one.

Standing at the altar

While every eye is on the bride as she solemnly paces down the aisle of the church, the groom is often nervously awaiting her. He might be steadied by his best man, but standing at the altar is not always an easy task. It is bad luck to see the bride in her dress before the ceremony, so he has no idea how she will look as he awaits her presence. Catching that anticipation is all part of what a wedding photographer Birmingham will catch, and Nicola is a professional with the ability to do just that. She can help tell the entire story of the wedding instead of just the bride’s part.

Enjoying the reception

There are tasks even the groom must perform at the party after the ceremony, and many of them are very traditional. While his first dance with his new wife is expected as they are enjoying the reception, a special dance with his mother is also a traditional element. Many people look upon this dance as special, but few of them are paying attention when the groom requests a dance from his new mother-in-law. That is also a traditional part of the day, and it should be part of his story that is captured by photographers Birmingham.

Every person participating in a wedding has their own story, and many of them are interconnected. Leaving out any part of it can make it fade over time, so it is important to capture even the smallest moments. Traditional elements might be part of the day, but even modern weddings and grooms have their own elements to add to the perfect wedding day for the couple.