The Wedding Dances

After the religious ceremony, celebrating with a party for all the guests has become a normal part of most weddings. Brides and grooms spend a great deal of time planning the festivities, and they are often concerned with ensuring their guests have an excellent meal. Part of the reception is about performing old traditions, so tossing the bouquet and the garter will generally be included. For those who want to ensure everyone has a great time, the wedding dances are often a part of the reception that no one wishes to miss out on.

The Couple’s First Dance

It is expected that the two people who have gotten married will be the center of attention, so there should be little surprise when they get on the floor for the couple’s first dance. The song being played is often a favourite they share, and some couples today would rather have an electric violinist  Manchester play instead of a full band. They feel the emotional content of their first dance should be shared with those present, and they want to ensure the full impact is felt by everyone. It is one of many firsts they will share in the coming year, and that makes it an important part of their special day.

Dancing with Dad

Brides have a very special place in the heart of their fathers, so dancing with Dad is an important event for many of them. They see it as a time when they remember their relationship, and yet they must also acknowledge the bride is leaving her father for her husband. It can be a bittersweet moment for some, but others find it one of the most enjoyable parts of the reception. Their dance together can be a time when they are celebrating the continuity of their family, so the tears they might shed will be happy ones.

Mother of the Groom

Mothers and sons often have a close relationship, and it can be difficult for her to see her son be cared for by another woman. As long as she does not attend the wedding in black, the mother of the groom is generally ready to let her son go on to his new life. Celebrating the event is their dance together, and it can be just as emotional as the one between the bride and her father. For those who have a special song to celebrate their relationship, Lauren is a professional wedding violinist Manchester who will work with them to ensure their dance together is as memorable as it is sweet.

The dancing at any wedding is generally joyful, but there are a few dances where tears might be present. Leaving their old lives with their families behind can be a time when they realize it as they dance with their parents, and the parents might feel that tug because their children are now adults. Being able to enjoy the dance together is special for brides and grooms, and it should be a time when they feel loved. They must remember they are not leaving those they love, but they are adding another member to their family.