A Small Wedding

It might seem that every wedding is attending by hundreds, but a small wedding is just as acceptable. For those couples who would rather spend more time with their loved ones or keep their costs down, inviting only twenty or thirty guests could be their target. It might appear that this will be a very drab affair, but there can still be a good time had by all who attend. Planning festivities to entertain the guests is still an important component, and hosting a good meal is often part of what the couple intends. They might even spend a great deal of their budget on ensuring every guest has the best time possible.

Decorating the Church

Many churches are older, and they have their own décor. The windows are often composed of scenes in stained glass, and the pews are made of beautifully aged hardwoods. The flooring might be pristine parquet that has been polished to an amazing shine, or it could be composed of tiles that were created by artisans of the past. Decorating the church is often done with only flowers, and a small wedding would certainly fit this type of spare decoration for a small and quiet wedding. A few couples might consider putting bows on the end of each pew, and they could even add candles to the altar area where they will recite their vows.

Hosting Guests

The reception for a smaller wedding will likely not require a large hall, so the venue is easier to book. Couples inviting only a few dozen guests will often be able to find an intimate setting where they can fill the tables with good food and great music. They might have a more luxurious meal than they would if there were hundreds, and the champagne might be an unexpectedly good classic. There are many ways of hosting guests, and it can be a delight to find that fewer guests creates a better experience.

Music and Dancing

Many couples hosting smaller weddings will concentrate on creating an overall experience, so they could choose a wedding saxophonist to be present at the church. When it comes to the reception, they might give up the idea of a full band, but they can still have dancing if they hire a saxophone player and DJ. There are many around who specialize in weddings of all sizes, and many can be booked to work with their favourite tune spinner to create just the right mix to get the guests excited about dancing all night. A small celebration can still be a lively one, and finding room available on the dance floor could make it even better for all.

There is no expected size for any wedding, and couples should host those they want to be with instead of going for a large number. A smaller wedding can be a more intimate experience for everyone, and sharing the joy is not diminished by hosting less people. Inviting only those who they want to share the special meaning of their vows and love should be the guide they use to decide how many guests should be present.